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Do you know fly ash floating beads

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    Fly ash floating beads:

  Fly ash floating bead is a kind of powdery residue brought out from the boiler by flue gas after pulverized coal combustion. It is a kind of artificial pozzolanic material, which is a kind of siliceous or silicoaluminum material.

  The performance of fly ash has great fluctuation. It is not only related to coal type and coal source, but also depends on the type of boiler, operating conditions, dust collection and ash discharge mode.

  Mineral composition of fly ash: because the chemical composition of coal powder particles is not completely consistent, the fly ash formed in the combustion process forms different phases in the cooling process of discharge. For example, glass beads with high silica and alumina content gradually precipitate quartz and mullite crystals during high temperature cooling, while glass beads with high iron oxide content precipitate hematite and magnetite.