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Application of vermiculite powder

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  It is a kind of hydrate, which is massive, flaky and granular. It is the product of weathering and alteration of biotite and other natural minerals. The volume of interlayer water molecules increased by 18-25 times after high temperature burning. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, aluminum, iron, magnesium, silicate and other components. Vermiculite has high cation exchange capacity and strong cation exchange adsorption capacity because of its high layer charge number. It can be used for 3-5 years (unlike humus soil, coconut shell coating, etc.) which is easy to rot.

  Vermiculite powder is used in: house insulation equipment, household refrigerators, automobile silencers, sound insulation plaster, safe and cellar lining pipes, boiler protective clothing, long handle spoon of ironmaking plant, refractory brick insulating cement, automobile insulation equipment, aircraft insulation equipment, refrigerated warehouse insulation material, bus insulation equipment, wallboard water cooling tower, steel annealing, fire extinguisher, filter, refrigeration Warehouse, linoleum, roof board, cornice board, dielectric brake board, wallpaper printing, outdoor advertising, paint, increase the viscosity of the paint, fire-proof card paper for photographic softwood, golden and bronze ink, external supplement of paint, etc.