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Main uses of vermiculite

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  Vermiculite is widely used in the following aspects.

  Building: lightweight material lightweight concrete aggregate (lightweight wall powder, lightweight mortar)

  Heat resistant material wall material, fireproof board, fireproof mortar, firebrick.

  Thermal insulation: sound absorbing materials, underground pipes, greenhouse pipes, thermal insulation materials, indoor and tunnel interior decoration, walls and ceiling of public places.

  Metallurgy: steel frame cladding material, iron making, casting slag removal, coating material for high-rise building steel frame, vermiculite bulk material.

  Agriculture and Forestry: Horticulture, golf course lawn, seed preservative, soil conditioner, wetting agent, plant growth agent, feed additive.

  Marine fishing industry: catch erbium.

  Other aspects: adsorbent, filter aid, active carrier of chemical products and fertilizer, sewage treatment, seawater oil adsorption, cigarette filter tip, explosive density regulator.

  The vermiculite from Hebei Province has different uses

  +Item 20: house insulation, household refrigerators, car silencers, acoustic plaster, safe and cellar lined pipes, boiler protective clothing, ironworks long handle spoon, refractory brick insulating cement.

  20 ~ 40 mesh: Automobile insulation equipment, aircraft insulation equipment, refrigerator insulation equipment, passenger car insulation equipment, wallboard water cooling tower, steel annealing, fire extinguisher, filter, cold storage.

  40 ~ 120 mesh: linoleum, roof board, cornice board, dielectric switch board.

  120 ~ 270 mesh: wall paper printing, outdoor advertising, paint, increase the viscosity of the paint, photo softwood for fire card paper.