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Two important functions of vermiculite

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  Vermiculite is a kind of mineral with very light texture. Vermiculite without water is very light. When mixed in the soil, it can increase the water absorption of the soil. When watering, vermiculite will first absorb water. After drinking, when the water content in the soil begins to decrease, vermiculite begins to release water again. When planting flowers and plants in such soil, it is not suitable to produce siltation, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of rotten or stuffy roots in the growth process of flowers and plants.

  Vermiculite is relatively soft, which is convenient for root growth and expansion. The service life of vermiculite is generally between two to three years. Vermiculite gradually disintegrates and disappears. At this time, most flowers and plants also need to change soil for root repair. Vermiculite is relatively light, it will occupy a part of the space in the flowerpot, which will reduce the quality of the whole flowerpot a lot. After the cultivation of vermiculite in the later stage, when it is moved, it will be lighter and faster.

  Vermiculite itself does not contain nutrients, so vermiculite has obvious advantages and disadvantages. When planting flowers and plants, it can not be used alone. It needs to be used with other materials to give full play to the obvious advantages of vermiculite. Common flowers and plants are commonly used peat soil, vermiculite, perlite mixture, which is the standard nutrient soil.