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China Clay

Kaolin is a kind of kaolinite mineral clay and clay rock that has good plasticity and fire resistance.High refractoriness and stability,Physicochemical stability, Low porosity. Bulk density high, Low impurity content and so on.Kaolin powder China Clay

Product Details

Calcined Kaolin Clay 

Calcination of kaolin is to sintered kaolin in a calcining furnace to a certain temperature and time, so that its physical and chemical properties have certain changes to meet certain requirements.

Low temperature than calcined kaolin and calcined kaolin, calcined kaolin of combined water content decreases, silica and alumin content were increased, activity increased, structure changes, the smaller particle size and uniform, compared with not calcine kaolin filled NR rubber, low temperature of calcined kaolin filled NR rubber vulcanization characteristic curve, sol type A hardness is changeless, stretchingThe physical properties of both of them meet the requirements of the industry standard for the non-transparent sole of athletic shoes.

Commodity: calcined kaolin,china clay, kaolin powder, Kaolinite powder

Size:325mesh, 800mesh, 1250mesh, 2500mesh, 6250mesh or as request.

Usage:Calcined Kaolin and metakaolin all can be widely used in Papermaking Industry,Coating Industry, Oil and Paint Industry,Rubber Industry, Plastic Industry, PVC Industry, Ceramics, Cable Industry and so on.

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