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What are the benefits of vermiculite for succulent plants?

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  Vermiculite, as a common succulent plant nutrient soil, is deeply loved by meat friends. Generally speaking, vermiculite can be used for rooting, and the other is for mixing soil. Of course, there are meat friends who use pure vermiculite to raise meat. Different people have different opinions. I don't want to make an evaluation here. Let's talk about vermiculite for rooting How to use vermiculite as soil mixture.

  1. Using vermiculite to root

  Because of its strong water retention and air permeability, vermiculite can keep the humidity of the planting environment and induce seed germination or plant rooting. Usually, vermiculite is mixed with a large proportion of vermiculite in leaf cutting or sowing. There are also many flesh friends who have pure vermiculite hairy roots. It is not only succulent plants, but also can use pure vermiculite for cuttings such as rose and Geranium.

  2. Vermiculite with soil

  Vermiculite itself has no nutrients, but it has better water retention. Some meat friends like to mix vermiculite into the soil as particles. They also have their own views on the advantages and disadvantages. Some meat friends add too much vermiculite when mixing with soil. The water content in the medium is large and the water holding capacity is too high, which will lead to root rot.

  Of course, it does not negate that vermiculite can not be put in the medium. Generally speaking, it is OK to put 1 part of vermiculite in 10 parts of soil, that is, the proportion should be controlled at 10:1, of course, it can be a little less. Sometimes many statements are not absolute. In some areas, meat friends need better water retention. Vermiculite is very suitable at this time, but some areas do not need medium with good water retention. If vermiculite is still used at this time, it will be a hindrance.